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New gamepass system messing up gamepasses (5)
Party teleports doesn't work in paid access games (4)
Calling LoadCharacter in batch on multiple players causes missing appearances (16)
OnServerInvoke - Player argument is equal to nil (4)
Texture in a slightly transparency part at a certain camera angle (4)
Forces "stall" when moving dense objects or force magnitude is small (4)
Disabling "Seated" HumanoidStateType does not function properly (2)
BodyVelocity physics bug ( 2 ) (28)
New RootCamera script doesn't take "Scriptable" mode into account (1)
(Server) UntrackedMemory goes up, and never comes down again (1)
MouseButton1Click and MouseButton1Down events not properly firing on mouse clicks on my laptop (3)
Tools no longer fire Activated (3)
Server cannot read Player argument from RemoteEvents parented to nil by client (5)
TextBounds changed doesn't fire then UIScale is changed (2)
TweenSize affects transparency of a GuiObject (4)
24 FPS Cap With Windowed G-Sync Enabled (6)
PathfindingService treats walk-through parts set by collidable groups as non-collidable and walks around them (2)
SetCoreGuiEnabled(PlayerList, true) breaks controllers (4)
HopperBins cause the core backpack to Error due to the lack of a Tool tip (13)
Neon texture not rendering (3)
Occasional long "SettingsHub" spikes (20)
Sound instances that use the same large sounds leak Streaming Sounds memory on the server (3)
HopperBins break the backpack (3)
Giant R15 characters spin if they touch anything (20)
I can still walk if my HumanoidRootPart is anchored (10)
MouseLeave doesn't fire if you move mouse fast ( 2 ) (26)
Game assets only partially load upon joining games (Shirts, Pants, Music, Decals, Meshes, etc.) (2)
DataStore Set/Update requests silently fail with infinity/infinitesimals (3)
Is this a bug or the mesh itself? (7)
SetStateEnabled(Dead, false) doesnt work [incl. Repro] (9)