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Make it so children added to StarterPlayer get cloned into the Player (3)
Sound - LoopFade and TrimmedTime (8)
Give us some way to know when an object and its children are fully loaded (6)
SetCore Methods to Disable Friend-Related Notifications (5)
Group context API (10)
SurfaceGuis map to part surface (1), originY, originZ, directionX, directionY, directionZ) and ray:components() (7)
BrickColor team color -> Color3 (4)
Divorce SpawnLocations/Player/Playerlist from TeamColor (4)
Improvements to Humanoid scaling (1)
Support non-players for teams (2)
Ability to block Free Model Purchase Requests (16)
Humanoid MoveTo TargetRadius (1)
The ability to disable FallenPartsDestroyHeight (17)
GuiObject.CornerRadius (13)
Beams - TextureWidth and Patterns (3)
BadgeServce.GetBadgesAsync (3)
Screen Snipping in a Script (3)
Idea for implementing a "Movie" asset (13)
A "Viewport" UI Object (14)
UTC Time Function (17)
Increase Particle Emitters View Distance (4)
Ensure entire game is loaded on client (4)
Control over moon phase (5)
Recolorable Scrollbars on ScrollingFrames (2)
Return clamped value when given the numbers nan and -nan(ind) in math.clamp (4)
Grid material for development/level design/etc (19)
Improvements to UI for borders, shadows and fonts (17)
Difficult to debug errors caused by my code but thrown by abstracted scripts (3)
R-15 should be made more efficient (5)