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Weld Button doesn't work on non-cancollide parts (5)
Several bugs with the latest studio update, including the command bar, the explorer tab, and the CoreScripts (3)
Errors appearing out of nowhere about CameraScript (1)
System freezing and studio permanently broken (6)
Script order being lost when studio restarts (3)
Models with multiple parts no longer snapping rotation when dragged (6)
"Unable to open the place" upon attempting to open a team create place (3)
Colour picker appears on a different screen outside Studio window with more than one monitor (2)
Constant studio crashing since new update ( 2 ) (37)
Find in all scripts is finding results for scripts under Instance? (3)
Randomly losing interaction with studio (1)
Widgets for Terrain and Animating ruins everything (9)
Can only unfold code on lowest line number (8)
Service button is grayed out? (4)
New UI Editor Error (11)
Studio UI Rendering Issue (2)
I just woke up to this studio bug and i need some help (FIXED) (3)
Cannot export model as obj (4)
Dragging an object from the explorer and holding it in place causes FPS drops (1)
Changing SortOrder doesn't immediately update the sorting (2)
Studio Dark Mode Issues (10)
Terrain corrupting in team create (4)
Insert Item Button Bug (3)
AnimationTrack.Looped Bug? (2)
Studio Still Crashes After Stopping Test Mode [with scripts open] (1)
Roblox Studio C++ Error (1)
Animation Editor Context Menu Inconvenience (5)
Getting a constant 10-15 FPS (6)
LoadCharacterAppearance breaks SetCore (3)
Animation Editor Ctrl+V Bug (2)