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Saved script editor settings? (7)
Script Tab Identification (9)
Color3 on ScrollBar (5)
Texture/Decal Rotation Feature (2)
Studio CanUserChatAsync Manipulation (5)
Mixing audio in Roblox is impossible, Studio needs audio levels feedback (3)
Properties window doing mathematical calculations? (9)
Welds parented to workspace (2)
Intellisense WaitForChild typing (16)
Proper real time sorting for the studio's explorer (4)
Add hotkey to unselect everything (6)
Combine :GetPrimaryPartCFrame And :SetPrimaryPartCFrame (8)
Double clicking on a model should drill the selection into it (5)
Proper support for the Linux platform ( 2 ) (35)
Make "F" Hotkey for Zoom Camera to Model Work Everywhere (1)
Automatic Plugin Updating (6)
MeshParts auto naming when uploading (1)
Make Script Recovery Check for Exact Matches Before Asking (1)
Remove Max Width/Height From Emulator (3)
Meshparts automatically named after mesh name (4)
Scale Tool Functionality Toggle (2)
Don't Change Scaling Mode During Scaling (3)
More keyboard input for PluginGuis (1)
Object Comments/Tooltips (1)
PluginAction.AssignedShortcut and 4th CreatePluginAction() parameter (1)
Have override tooltip name a property, not an object, when the overriding object is itself (1)
Publishing place to Roblox takes too long with many Linked Sources (1)
Option for autocomplete inside comments (5)
A way to generate an item thumbnail without using "ThumbnailCamera" (3)
Scheduled update release (7)