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Streamline the Developer Stat page with these ideas (1)
Stop Using Pie Charts (2)
'Separate Device Servers' toggle (4)
Allow us to phase out old servers by preventing new players from joining ( 2 ) (24)
Option to remove public games from group games tab (1)
Graph should auto-adjust when I disable certain values (2)
Restore Genre Sort for Games Page ( 2 ) (25)
The ability to hook into roblox website chat or request player's friends to join (1)
Group games Visits included in group owners total Place Visits ( 2 ) (25)
Developer Profile Tag ( 2 3 ) (42)
Shirt/Pants Content Creation and the potential issues of bots? (11)
Hide severely disliked games from the front page ( 2 ) (28)
Geographically Targeted Advertising (1)
Develop Page Status Icons (1)
Delete feature for games & messages (4)
(UNRESOLVED) Unreliability and lack of transparency with web services. Developers need a solution ( 2 ) (29)
Skyscraper ad should not be embedded in My Creations (1)
Make Developer Resources its own tab in Create (and other fixes) (1)
Wall Filter System (2)
Show item serial in trades (4)
Don't cancel VIP servers from changing the price (9)
Don't ever wipe VIP servers for any reason (5)
Display game name in ad purchases under My Transactions page (1)
Game pass Ownership API (3)
Differentiate sales from in-game vs. website for gamepasses (1)
Double the image upload size (Maybe for a cost?) (15)
One month before you can post on forums and group walls (18)
Mute video thumbnails by default instead of full volume (13)
Developer stats by language (8)
Spending Credit Balance under $4.95 (non-app) (11)