An update on Future Is Bright


Seeing a lot of these issues in the latest build (those unexpected black “spots” at the bottom):

In current non-FIB client:

Even if the sun is pointing directly at it:

Deleting the right grass piece (that’s 8 studs away from the wall!) removes the unexpected visuals from the wall.

(Seems like in general the voxel interpolation is very “blocky” now?)

Repro file: blahh.rbxl (12.8 KB)

Also noticed a lot of “grainyness” and banding others mentioned. Here’s a simple repro…

File: blahh2.rbxl (14.8 KB)

Another thing: OutdoorAmbient is a pretty decent way to get some sort of GI from sunlight (works rather well now), but is it possible to have some sort of more “interesting” shading for parts that are completely occluded if OutdoorAmbient is “not zero”? The completely flat shading even though OutdoorAmbient is e.g. (1, 1, 1) looks rather odd to my eyes…


We had some very early prototypes a few years ago (I think the original GPU voxel lighting one I did) that used an ambient cube instead of a flat ambient color that would make this better, although that would probably mean a different API… I agree we should look into this. We’ll also check the other issues - some of them look like things we’ve fixed recently in the internal builds but not sure if we fixed all of them.


The issue with shadows you have reported is already fixed in our FIB codebase. There is a trade off of not having light leaks on one hand and having these dark areas (shadow leaks? :slight_smile: ) on the other. We are still trying to figure out if there is something we could do better about it.


What are these lines that randomly appear and will they be fixed in Future is Bright?


v13 doesn’t crash anymore if brightness is 0, but the shadows are still disappearing:

Brightness 1

Brightness 0


I’ve noted a consistent issue where I get a bright sparkly thing on my screen. I think it’s related to specular maps, on terrain, as that’s the only place I notice it. The dots appear for a single frame and are extremely bright purple/blue from what I can tell. The biggest one I’ve seen is about 200x200 pixels, give or take.

I think it occurs due to level of detail changes.


FiB causes SurfaceGui text with LightInfluence of 1 to appear dark.


I believe that’s supposed to happen. Since the scene you screenshotted has a light source at the right-bottom, it makes sense that the ‘Level 2’ GUI is darker.
That’s why it’s called ‘Light Influence’. The light influences the GUI (so also shadows!).
If you don’t want that effect, put it on 0 :smiley:


awwww yeah


Any updates?
Also, when is this likely to release? (for PC at least)
I really want to use it in my new game.

Don’t ask what the game is about, or else I would have to kill you … :wink:

Keep up the awesome work.


The color of the text on those signs is white, so it wouldn’t make sense for it to look like that, even if LightInfluence is on. Anyways, there isn’t any difference in color between text on the Level 2 one and text on the other one, which should obviously appear since there is a light source above the sign to the right of the hallway.


Oh it’s about text! I thought it was about the GUI itself.
I probably missed that part, sorry. In that case, yea that’s a problem lol.


You should update your OP if thats the case - I was confused too!