Game update page + Subscribe to game updates




Our complete inability as developers to efficiently communicate updates is hurting new player experience on Roblox and lowering the quality of the front page.


I agree emojis and updates in game titles look extremely unprofessional. It looks even worse when your browser does not support all of the emojis! I especially hate when I have to do it with my own games because we have no other way of letting the community know that there is a sale or big update.

Having an update log that players can subscribe to would solve this issue immediately, and I really hope Roblox engineers are actively working on making this feature request become a reality. I’ve been awaiting months for an update like this.


We all are :disappointed_relieved:


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Front page is outta hand


I agree but this isn’t a good solution if that’s what you’re inferring. I enjoy the ability to see updates/patches directly from the games page, even if it looks unprofessional. All this change would do is force developer to use icons to show off updates (increased traffic duh) or continue to rely on this practice. Definitely would defeat the purpose.


And boom, its coming… Just look in the roadmap.