Introduction of the International Category!


Hey Developers,

We are excited to introduce the new International category to the Developer Forum. With the addition of the Localization tools to Roblox Studio, we are thrilled to empower Roblox developers to create their games in multiple languages to target international markets. To enable this, we have created the International category here on the Developer Forum. As a first step, we are introducing the new Spanish category, with other languages coming soon!

The International category is designed to be a place for developers who would prefer to discuss Roblox development in non-English languages. All developers are welcome to contribute to the discussion as long as they communicate in the language of the particular category.

Check out the About the International category post for more information:

In addition to new, non-English speaking developers, we hope to see engagement from the international members we already have in the Developer Forum in this new category!

Developer Relations Team


Danke mein junge.




I really like seeing this growth! Growing outside of the USA is definitely a big step for us.




who’s gonna be the first to start the Japanese thread
gonna bookmark all of them




we’re all weebs at heart but how many actual japanese play roblox? :thinking:


i refuse to believe there aren’t many
and no this isn’t about my weeb tendencies i actually like the language


yeah same but im from new zealand and i’ve met like 3 kiwis on roblox


hey u. correct ur language. u cant call them kiwis!!!


Perfecto. alfín, ocho años esperando esto!


heck off their mine, i can call em whatever i want!!! they are my sheep-brothers!!!





One of the best things to happen to roblox,Expanding imagination to the rest of the world! Hopefully we see much more growth in the coming days! :+1:



日本はどうですか? It seems like only Latin-based languages are being added at the moment.


hype getting’s real


can korean be added? I think kim plays roblox




YES! YES! YES! This is awesome.