[RCD] ROBLOX Community Developers


ROBLOX Community Developers

Community Guidelines:

  • Be respectful: We do expect from every member of our community to show respect to one another. By being disrespectful, it only ruins your own reputation and may also come with additional consequences.

  • Be protective: We find it is important that members watch out for eachother. In every community, you will find conflict. But that doesn’t mean you should join in the conflict, when this happens, it is best you always send our staff a report and we will investigate what happened.

  • Be friendly: We appreciate all members who are friendly to others and guiding them through the community. It is important that people are being helped around and given a friendly welcome. In addition to that, we do not tolerate swearing or threats as that can be seriously dealt with by the police.

Community system:

  • Rank: We rank people based on their activity and contributions to our group. If we find someone who has moderated the group wall, reported conflict and other actions, we will rank this member to a higher rank.

  • Fund: We only fund our group staff or group contributors. We do not donate, host or part in giveaways. Giveaways which require any purchases may be scams and we recommend you don’t get involved in these activities.

  • Support: We support our members especially when it involves development. Our group provides development and testing services for any developer. We recommend before proceeding with paid work, you have your agreements written on a contract. This protects your work, money and prevents you from being scammed.

  • Group: We hope you read this whole thread. If you are interested in joining our community, we would be happy to accept you. Feel free to join our group here.


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