TweenService:Create Error on IntValue Tweening


Up until two hours ago, you could use TweenService to Tween an IntValue. Now, when calling

local int_val ="IntValue")
TweenService:Create(int_val ,info,properties)

an error is returned stating:

TweenService:Create property named "Value" on object "Value" is not a data type that can be tweened

Tweening a NumberValue continues to work fine, however for my purpose, I require the tweening on an IntValue.

Not sure when this became an issue, however I have been tweening IntValues for as long as I can remember up until two hours ago.

Here’s a repro place file:

IntValue Tween Repro.rbxl (17.7 KB)

Press play, and you will see the error. Delete the IntValue and replace it with a NumberValue, and it works fine.


In this release we updated IntValue to support 64 bit integers, but we missed a bug where tween service does not support tweening 64 bit values, we will fix this promptly.

As a short term workaround, you can try changing the IntValue to a NumberValue. Depending on your application you may be able to use this directly. If you really need integers specifically, you can create a temporary IntValue to convert:

local iv =“IntValue”)
iv.Value = numberValue.Value – ivValue now has the correct value

though if you are passing the value to a roblox api that expects an integer, it should get converted automatically.


Thanks. Yes, NumberValues will work temporarily with some rounding, I just worry about possible imprecision in the long term.


NumberValue uses 64 bit storage internally, and can precisely represent integer values up to 2^53

x = math.pow(2, 52)
y = x + 1
z = x - 1
print (x == y) – false
print(x == z) – false
x = math.pow(2, 53)
y = x + 1
z = x - 1
print(x == y) – true
print (x == z) – false

Before the update IntValue only stored up to +/- 2^31 so you shouldn’t see any loss of precision with the temporary fix.