Youtube Channel for Building Tips/Tutorials



Hey all,

Here’s some background behind my building experience:
I’m currently a member of Shiguto, Roblox Architects of Robloxia (RAR), and former member of LAR if any of you remember that. I post a lot of my work on Twitter, but here are just a couple things I’ve worked on

So I have a youtube channel that I’m pretty much dedicating to building tutorials, tips, and everything having to do with Roblox building. I just thought it’d be much easier for me to just make a single thread with all the videos and just update it as more videos release. Hopefully once I have more videos I can create more categories, so this will be building from the ground up. Thanks!

Roblox Building Tutorials for Starters:

Building alongside me (Videos that follow my thought process behind building):

Miscellaneous videos:

Also if anyone has any suggestions about future topics to cover and/or ways to make these videos better, I’m open to all feedback.
Things I’m already noting are:

  • Shorter, more concise videos
  • More organization

If for some reason you need to contact me off site, here’s some contact info:
Twitter: @JukeRblx
Discord: Justin#0877

But please don’t hit me up for commissions at the moment.


Low Poly Designs

Awesome builds dude! Liking the tutorials. Nice job.