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Make it clearer why AddAccessory() would produce unexpected results (1)
Re-phrase "per-place" as "per-server" (2)
Explicit documentation on :Stop() called when AnimationTrack is stopped already (1)
Random documentation (2)
Replication frequency documentation (3)
Developer Hub is missing documentation on parameters for GetCore and SetCore (3)
Created Pages > Roblox Wiki links to redirect on old wiki (3)
List of all Roblox API sites (6)
Objects documentation (2)
Lack of documentation on GetCore/SetCore (6)
"Click here" link leads you to a Content no longer available page (2)
Player group functions cache/have delay on server & client (2)
New article on string patterns is missing documentation on anchors (2)
RollOffMode documentation (2)
More Info On TouchInterest (AKA TouchTransmitter) (10)
Clarification needed on ChangeHistory::SetWaypoint page (3)
Mistakes on PrismaticConstraint wiki page (2)
Google searches with Roblox Wiki results in an error (4)
Display parameters of function on Service page (5)
Can we have a Dark themed wiki? (5)
Camera:ScreenPointToRay returns incorrect ray (7)
New API reference takes up way too much space. Please make it easier to read (4)
Reformat the new wiki to show important information first (3)
How do remotes send data? (6)
Incorrect documentation about AbsolutePosition - probably because no clear split between 2D and 3D properties (2)
What is Enum.PlayerActions (2)
Wiki Game Pass Confusion (5)
More Info On ProductPurchaseDecision Behaviour (1)
Wiki tutorial about sprite sheets (5)