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About the Engine Bugs category (1)
Issues with CAS and vehicle seats (1)
Mouse Cursor Disappears When Moving To Titlebar In Windows 10 (3)
Disabling "Seated" HumanoidStateType does not function properly (2)
Players spawn too high over spawns when they're below a certain point (6)
Pressing Mouse2 and then Mouse1 in exactly the same frame causes InputBegan not to fire (1)
Navigation mesh not working correctly (9)
Previously Moderated Assets Not Showing Up Ingame (4)
UIListLayout.AbsoluteContentSize updates a frame late (6)
Beams visible through decals on invisible parts (3)
Tool Name Disappears after Tool with Icon Occupies the same Backpack Slot (2)
OnUpdate Not Being Fired Cross Server Until GetAsync Used (4)
Unions and MeshParts not appearing in game (3)
Camera lags behind where Humanoid.CameraOffset should be (3)
Tool drop causes server to seize up with non-Box CollisonFidelity (5)
Players cannot input text into an empty text box (4)
Developer Console Server Log no longer showing history (6)
Weld incorrectly snaps Part1 to Part0, leaves behind it's geometry (4)
DevComputerMovementMode property(s) completely useless, unable to reliably disable Click to Move mode (6)
PGSPhysicsSolver causes bug with BodyForce in Humanoids (12)
Player.Chatted Recipient variable not being set correctly (2)
"Write Marshalled" lag spikes in microprofiler (4)
UIGridLayout mixed with UIAspectRatioConstraint can cause extremely strange values (2)
Meshparts with default CollisionFidelity are much more laggy than they were before today (3)
Game Freezing Very Often (2)
Humanoids walk on terrain even if PhysicsService makes them not collide (14)
PromptGamepassPurchase does not work (16)
GetBadgeInfoAsync Crashes if Badge Description is Blank (2)
SetStateEnabled(Dead, false) doesnt work [incl. Repro] (14)
InputEnded does not fire on GUI objects when the object moves in the context of UserInputType.MouseMovement (4)