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ImageLabel.Image reverting from "" (nil string) back to the image you set (3)
ChatService Added Non-Player Speaker doesn't have EventFolder (6)
Creating/Destroying a ViewPortFrame with OpenGL on Mac can crash the Client (3)
Updating Accessory Attachment positions on the client does not update, whereas on the server it does (2)
Terrain Replication Error (9)
Smooth terrain corruption bug on client (7)
SetCore's DeveloperConsoleVisible function incompatible with new console (1)
Voxel Lighting makes Sky top purple around dusk (6)
Unable to update (2)
Assets failing to load (5)
Constraint Vehicles Broken (1)
ModuleScript required by AssetId and reparented doesn't replicated correctly (3)
Humanoid shadows don't know how to handle decals within character (3)
MouseLeave doesn't fire if you move mouse fast ( 2 3 ) (42)
Large Humanoids do not work as expected (3)
ObjectValues In StarterGui Incorrectly Moving To PlayerGui (5)
Badge Award Pop-up UI Incorrect (13)
[ROBLOXCRITICAL] Users are unable to join existing/new servers on games ( 2 3 ) (56)
Major performance regressions for default ingame chat in any game (14)
Player:Move called, but player currently has no character (5)
VehicleController endlessly goes in reverse (with player script fix) (1)
Warnings about CorePackages not handling promises in output (5)
Transparent Parts Incorrectly Cause Scenes To Be Over-Exposed, Interferes With Bloom (6)
Vehicle Seats no longer clip through parts after the camera update (8)
StarterGui:SetCore "ChatMakeSystemMessage" Messages Appear Above Player Chat (6)
StarterGui:SetCore's "ChatMakeSystemMessage" is broken (3)
Strange rendering artifacts on Galaxy S8 with new voxel lighting (4)
Various Unions, FileMeshes, and Animations not loading for my computer's specific Client (15)
Regression: Anchoring the HumanoidRootPart no longer freezes the character (10)