Platform Feedback   Engine Bugs

Humanoid characters don't get pushed by bricks with velocity under certain Sizes (6)
Roblox client process carries on in background when closed after crash (3)
:FindPartsInRegion3 incorrectly identifying WedgeParts (5)
Roblox Coroutine wait() and resume() bug (5)
Terrain LOD not handling shallow water very well (8)
.Changed does not fire when connected to local scripts (4)
"508: Exhausted all retries for key: %s string" datastore error happens when I haven't gone over my limits ( 2 ) (38)
% Symbol not appearing in Prompt Purchase GUI (6)
Exponentially Large Numbers for Client Memory in Developer Console (3)
Pressing escape rapidly a couple times breaks controls (8)
Getting Thrown From Non-Moving Vehicles (13)
Certain DataStore keys repeatedly triggering "Exhausted all retries for key" error, unable to save (4)
French Translating bug for Transaction GUI (1)
Massless objects in custom characters are not massless to BodyMovers (7)
Player:ClearCharacterAppearance() does not clear worn head (5)
Russian Text Scaling Issues (5)
Massive Performance Hit with Dynamic Objects on XBOX (8)
13+ indicator can be hidden (4)
VR has a problem with GUI's shown before the player spawns (4)
ScreenGui.IgnoreGuiInset not respected during teleport transition (outside of PlayerGui) (5)
GetPlayerPlaceInstanceAsync still doesn't work correctly (11)
SetCore: BadgeNotificationsActive never registered by the CoreScripts (3)
Elements missing from escape menu (3)
ResetButtonCallback has not been registered by the CoreScripts (16)
ControlModule bug: :Disable() does not disable jump button (1)
Severe issue with seat placement for R15 characters introduced very recently (8)
BillboardGui under a ScreenGui renders in 2D as well ( 2 3 ) (41)
TextButton/ImageButton Modal not affected by ScreenGui.Enabled (1)
Motor6Ds Directly Affected By Frame Rate (5)
StarterGear is no longer visible from the client (3)