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About the Engine Features category (1)
Logical operations metamethods (9)
LightInfluence Property for Parts (3)
Make __len metamethod work for tables (3)
Unlock Camera:Zoom(distance) (6)
Making ScrollbarThickness Scaled and not Offset! (3)
Use SoundGroup of Sound's Parent (1)
Function hat:Attach(humanoid) (8)
Cars Predictive Pathing (11)
Convert Decal asset id to Image asset id (2)
GetRankInGroup and GetRoleInGroup should not cache (2)
Constraint version of BodyVelocity (3)
Dynamically simulated water (6)
Have Humanoids rescale all parts inside attachments, and not just the handle (1)
A property for Fire to make the effects always go up (5)
Skybox Rotation (5)
Being able to force the amount of segments or LOD for beams (8)
Client storage improvements (1)
Allow Cross-Group Animation Access (9)
Allow characters to have their display name modified (8)
Some game services are named "Instance", not their actual service name (4)
Be able to use MeshPart BrickColor in conjunction with textures with transparency (1)
Fix parts being offset in online mode by replicating rotations with full precision ( 2 ) (38)"Part")/Studio->Insert Part Inconsistencies (13)
Expose low level general compression as a lua function (4)
Constraint Read-only properties (3)
Ability to limit Constraints such as AlignPosition to specific axes (3)
NumberSequence Value (13)
Light options for decals/texture (like GUI's) (16)
Auto paint material (12)