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About the Engine Features category (1)
Give an option for developers to disable input on UIPageLayout (3)
Increase initial datastore budget for high player count games (6)
Reserving Servers in a Specific Region (3)
Improve Gamepass / Dev Product Purchasing UI (2)
Mesh-part textures should support alpha channels ( 2 ) (28)
Stop enabling VR (Oculus) on Studio launch and Stop turning my VR setting on in game settings! (2)
Overal Transparency for Gui's (14)
A "Viewport" UI Object (17)
Improve the Module System to Have Additional Security (5)
Vertex deformation (8)
ViewportFrame.ViewportTransparency (4)
Make the memory graphs in the console usable by increasing number of data points / time range (1)
[Humanoid] Remove the Status class, and replace it with a Folder named Status (3)
Deprecate + Hide LandscapeLeft and LandscapeRight as options for ScreenOrientation (3)
Built in .rbxmx XML Asset Serializer & deserializer (8)
Image resize interpolation option! (16)
Better server protection from DDoS attacks ( 2 ) (22)
Remove 60 FPS Cap ( 2 ) (27)
Custom Materials For Parts and Terrain And Higher-Resolution Textures (12)
Allow Read Access To "Status" Property of PackageLinks (3)
Develop Roblox for Oculus Go (4)
Dynamic Developer Products (3)
Allow Shirts/Pants to Render on Non-Humanoids (4)
Option To Disable New Disconnect UI (7)
Disable the /me chat command or have it deactivated by default (7)
Blur Material For Parts (13)
A few useful gui options to make beautiful interfaces (10)
A way to have F9 console above the Kick UI (2)
GUI image scaling option (3)