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About the Engine Features category (1)
Terrain Water Vertex Culling (3)
Instance.Destroyed Event (12)
Throw error when Firing a BindableEvent with improper values (3)
More icons for in-game player list for game developers and other content creators (3)
We need water as a material for BaseParts ( 2 ) (23)
Custom Normal Maps for Textures (8)
Sky.UpperHue and Sky.LowerHue ColorSequences ( 2 ) (23)
Add more kinds of post-processing blur effects (3)
Add additional mouse button UserInputType enums (1)
Version History Tags (2)
Custom terrain / roadway gripes: Add Enum.CollisionFidelity.Exact and raise the part size limit for MeshParts (2)
Make signals returned by GetPropertyChangedSignal return the Instance in the callback (3)
Character Animations - ModuleScript for new entries (3)
Adjusting the Color3 of a MeshPart Texture (5)
Provide a reasonable alternative to closed source modules ( 2 ) (23)
Object for Enum Values (3)
Do not delete Explosion objects outside of Workspace (1)
Replicate items to individual client (7)
Ability to repeat texture of Beam in its width (and adjust texture width) (3)
The ability to decline Developer Product purchases (7)
Ability to choose the AutoButtonColor color (1)
Enable private modules on group games if owned by a developer (3)
Ability to easily draw lines/curves in UI (3)
In-game feature request: View distance settings (3)
API to request Bundle Thumbnail (4)
ScaleRelativeTo (ObjectValue) Property for GUI (1)
Allow MeshPart Textures to read Alpha values (and addition of multiple mesh textures/color3 value) (1)
MeshPart collisions enhanced: Allow us to upload dedicated collision models (4)
More control over doppler due to camera movement (2)