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Destroying objects locally in a character should not replicate (1)
Port unicode and hex string escape formats from Lua 5.2/5.3 (1)
Custom Default Material Textures (1)
Custom Collision Mesh/Box Creation (2)
Replicate PlayerScripts object to server (3)
Add parameter to Random methods to generate a sequence of numbers at once (4)
Context Action Service Bind to Custom Event (3)
Ability to get the list of game passes available on a game (6)
Switch PointLight / SurfaceLight / SpotLight to ColorSequence, or have a bool to enable ColorSequence (3)
Cylinder collisions should be redone (7)
ModuleScript.AutoExecutes (3)
A jump input event that fires once (4)
Place spritesheets for internal Explorer and Object Browser icons within the asset folders (14)
Custom replication via Zones/Scenes (20)
Developers need reliable DataStores. What we have now is not acceptable ( 2 ) (26)
Add terrain support (rendering from outside its parental structure) for ViewportFrame (2)
Ability to set a custom night skybox (4)
Device Type Detection ( 2 3 ) (43)
Allow viewing of request body of HttpService calls in Developer Console (5)
Clean way to prevent characters from falling apart on death (15)
Allow text highlighting in a TextBox (8)
LoadAssetVersion and GetLatestAssetVersionAsync to work in group-owned places (3)
Texture Filtering (4)
Make the GuiObject Transparency property layer ontop of existing transparency properties (1)
Allow negative ZIndexes (15)
Humanoid.TakeDamage member should fire GetPropertyChangedSignal of Health (3)
Datastores: Passing invalid table values should produce more descriptive errors (2)
Get traceback from pcall (12)
Overriding or disabling tool dropping (15)