Platform Feedback   Engine Features

Material graph based custom shaders (1)
Add MarketplaceService.PromptProductPurchaseCancelled (5)
Provide a reasonable alternative to closed source modules before removing support (18)
AnimationTrack:GetKeyframeCFrame( Time, RelativeKeyframe ) (1)
Collapsible Memory View Sections (3)
Cars Predictive Pathing (13)
Datastores: Improve clarity of throttling warnings (4)
Callback for ContentProvider:PreloadAsync (4)
New material 'Cinder Block' (6)
Instance.Destroyed Event (11)
Make Studio & Client install under C:/Program Files (x86)/Roblox, and make the program's name always be "Roblox Studio" (2)
Texture Offsets (5)
Splitted Screen aka Multiple Cameras ( 2 ) (26)
Better server protection from DDoS attacks ( 2 ) (35)
Group Games - Ability to modify rank/role through Lua API ( 2 ) (22)
Terrain:GetWaveHeight(Vector3) (10)
Vector images stretchable (15)
BasePart:TweenCFrame with Velocity support (1)
Ability to assign more than two attachments to a Beam effect (3)
Ability to select the Beam effect inside the viewport (4)
More Types Of Visual Effects (VFX) (6)
Improved ClipDescendants with Descendant Masking (1)
Ability to filter what we see in the output on based on source context (4)
Ability to make animated and interactive teleporting screens (1)
Let me use collision groups on the client (10)
Custom Materials For Parts and Terrain And Higher-Resolution Textures (14)
Turn Backpack into a PlayerScript rather than CoreScript (3)
PathfindingService and Jumping (2)
Caching system for assets (3)
Easier/Better ways to connect players together! (2)