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Chat creates a lot of lag on mobile (16)
Jump button & whole right side of screen is covered by follow/friend notifications (3)
Mobile JumpButton keeps being created when mobile control schemes switch (2)
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UIPageLayout does not update while dragging, but does when releasing drag (1)
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Developer console UI issue Mobile (1)
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Roblox head giant after equipping Rthro head (8)
Show developer console button for users with group edit permissions (2)
Time stamp for shouts incorrect (1)
Head scale missing on Mobile Avatar editor (1)
[MOBILE] Website group tab (1)
1- Username in lowercase 2- Forum is incompatible (1)
Touch devices occasionally unable to move (1)
Unable to play private games (1)
Touch events don't work properly (13)
mouse.Target behavior changed (1)
Can't join private servers on android (2)
ScrollingFrames parented to SurfaceGuis no longer work properly on mobile (17)
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Game Notifications Unclickable (1)
Some PNGs with transparency not rendering correctly on mobile (12)
Game not starting in portrait mode (Despite ScreenOrientation set to Portrait) (3)
Mobile sounds don’t play every time (5)
Issues with message notifications not going away + being notified after selecting a user to message (8)