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Resize Lag Spikes (4)
Some packages are marked as changed (yellow circle), even after getting the latest version for them (3)
Package keeps saying it's changed, but its not (7)
System freezing and studio permanently broken (7)
Selecting locked instances errors GUI editor and Collision Groups editor (3)
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Studio running on low resolution since 64bit update (2)
Cloud Localization not loading in F6 Play Solo (1)
100% reproducible crash - script editor tab (2)
General http-related issues on Studio (4)
Games without a start place cannot be archived (3)
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Sizing Micro Offset Glitch (12)
Stop button crashes Studio on macOS Mojave with a local file (3)
Hats & Accessories move position when grouped (7)
Studio windows / plugin widgets almost never save their locations (7)
HttpService warning with suspicious domain (7)
Mobile emulation displays UI elements at incorrect size (2)
Studio Meshpart Alignment Bug (13)
VIP server warning textbox low contrast in dark mode (2)
Escape key not opening menu in accurate play solo (6)
502: API Services rejected when using team create in a place you dont own (2)
"Make sure there is enough hard drive space.." (5)
Script editor indents in the line at the incorrect location (7)
Block Tabbing Deletes Lines (2)
Proprities bar size bug (3)
Navmesh visualization appears to be broken (4)
Script editor's does not collapse blocks of code properly (examples in the thread's replies) (11)
Studio Toolbox Using Paste on V key (12)
Severe Animation Editor bugs related to IK mode ( 2 ) (21)