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'plugin' keyword highlights the wrong color in dark theme (2)
"Bad Allocation" and "cannot save" after test (15)
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"Last Modified" Sort in Roblox Studio Is Wrong (1)
Studio Crashes When Having Vulkan Enabled, but Client Does Not (2)
HTTP 403 error on majority of places, including place templates - unable to open or create places & Ctrl+N error ( 2 ) (26)
Unable to listen to sounds after hitting run (7)
Trouble resizing parts in Team Create (5)
Uploading images from studio takes forever (4)
Disable scroll wheel while hovering on drop-down properties (7)
Meshpart scaling bug in Studio with 100% crash rate (2)
Unprotected Error In Call to Lua API (Not enough memory) (1)
Script Performance Rate Statistic Incorrect on Studio in macOS Mojave (1)
Quick Bug: Animation Editor Context Help page is invalid (3)
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UI Editor does not work with UI in folders (2)
Attachments appear very large (4)
Find and Replace Does Not Respect 'Match Whole Word' (2)
Text delayed when typed into script (macOS Sierra) (11)
Animation editor plugin 3 major bugs (1)
Script Editor - Using the word 'then' anywhere creates a fold (1)
Every animation I export is 5 seconds when it should be shorter (3)
Value property of ObjectValue not preserved when copying and pasting (2)
Built-In Plugins Error When Selecting Restricted Instances (1)
"Sorry, this published place could not be loaded." preventing me from opening place (5)
Export to OBJ partially fails for MeshPart and UnionOperation (7)