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About the Studio Features category (1)
Copy Decal ID on right click ( 2 ) (23)
Allow AvatarType to be set in non game places (4)
Add Refresh List button / shortcut to Lua Toolbox (2)
Issues with Studio viewport size (1)
Union -> Mesh Conversion Feature? (8)
plugin:PromptPurchase() (12)
Know when client cancelled :PromptProductPurchase / Way to hide or cancel the gui (7)
Implement a way for scripts to be worked on simultaneously in Team Create (9)
Studio should handle tasks like publishing / inserting / auto-saving asynchronously (3)
Microprofiler in Accurate Play Solo should distinguish better between server/client threads (1)
Test windows should not force focus, and editing a game should only focus once (3)
Get rotate tool grid/step increments (4)
Autoreplace rbxgameasset:// to actual ROBLOX asset id (9)
Give warning when closing all Studio windows to update (1)
Plugin:ImportModel() (1)
Find in all scripts - Select Server or Client scripts (3)
An easier way to tell when a plugin has been refreshed (1)
Append a property / per-game preference on PackageLink to automatically update packaged assets globally (3)
Raw input/display support in Color3 properties and pickers (3)
Attachments should support grouping shortcuts (2)
Option to disable console autoscrolling (1)
Add developer opt-in to test new features (5)
Allow changing install location (4)
Prompt user to load/save file from plugin (4)
ImageButton.HoverImageColor3 (1)
Developer should be able to close their Team Create servers (15)
Disabled Scripts ( 2 ) (33)
"Publish LinkedSources" When Closing Place File (1)
OpenScript default behaviour (1)