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About the Studio Features category (1)
Allow developers to save places as studio templates (3)
UI Editor: Add proportional scaling and a way to maintain center while scaling (3)
Better way of selecting faces for Decals, SurfaceGui, etc (3)
Local Movement with selected parts (15)
Need An Editor For Bones / Skeleton / Motor6Ds (5)
CSG V2 should better handle negating composites (5)
Improvement for studio place selection and the creation of project groups (1)
Accessible, Saved Interface Layouts (Like Blender 2.8) (2)
Transform tool "Select plane" button needs a hotkey (1)
Add Color3 functionality to default Studio color picker (3)
Confirmation Window for Closing a Game By Clicking the X on its Tab in Team Create (4)
Cross-Plugin communication and more (1)
Let plugins access DebuggerManager (9)
Order places in game explorer consistently (2)
Alt + Drag to Bulk Select within a Model (3)
Give plugins a way to clean up instances (5)
Ctrl+Q to stop all running Scripts in Studio (7)
Treat Tools as Models (3)
Ability to insert Animations published to your profile/group into Studio using the Toolbox (1)
Multiple Lines in the Command Bar (3)
Studio's mobile emulator needs better gesture support (3)
Downgrade Plugin:StartDecalDrag to Permission Level 4 (4)
Option to include the name of a script's parent and grandparent in the editor tab title (2)
Text Filter APIs should perform basic rudimentary filtering in Studio (1)
Image Dropdown Property Output (3)
Reverse the order of the image upload widget (4)
Setting to disable Team Create auto-publish (4)
FBX Exporting Option (1)
Game Settings under "Avatar" and "Options" should be usable in offline files (2)