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Can roblox please get proper scaling support? (10)
Add toggles for the CoreGui options under StarterGui (2)
Add Motor6D & others to Advanced Objects panel (1)
Reload plugins tab also when you just deactivate/activate a plugin (2)
Adding places to game via Game Explorer should result in uniquely named places (4)
Allow AvatarType to be set in non game places (5)
Improve the Smooth Terrain Manipulation Tools (2)
Module script open source licencing (2)
Copy Decal ID on right click ( 2 ) (23)
Add Refresh List button / shortcut to Lua Toolbox (2)
Issues with Studio viewport size (1)
Union -> Mesh Conversion Feature? (8)
plugin:PromptPurchase() (12)
Know when client cancelled :PromptProductPurchase / Way to hide or cancel the gui (7)
Implement a way for scripts to be worked on simultaneously in Team Create (9)
Studio should handle tasks like publishing / inserting / auto-saving asynchronously (3)
Microprofiler in Accurate Play Solo should distinguish better between server/client threads (1)
Test windows should not force focus, and editing a game should only focus once (3)
Get rotate tool grid/step increments (4)
Autoreplace rbxgameasset:// to actual ROBLOX asset id (9)
Give warning when closing all Studio windows to update (1)
Plugin:ImportModel() (1)
Find in all scripts - Select Server or Client scripts (3)
An easier way to tell when a plugin has been refreshed (1)
Append a property / per-game preference on PackageLink to automatically update packaged assets globally (3)
Raw input/display support in Color3 properties and pickers (3)
Attachments should support grouping shortcuts (2)
Add developer opt-in to test new features (5)
Allow changing install location (4)
Prompt user to load/save file from plugin (4)