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Prompt user to load/save file from plugin (2)
It should be possible to use Roblox Studio offline (8)
Confirmation Window for Closing a Game By Clicking the X on its Tab in Team Create (3)
A "Scroll Past" feature (14)
Packages Feature (5)
We should be able to invite users to group-owned Team Create places (4)
.FBX Export (5)
Simulate Different Types of Players In Studio (13)
Ctrl+Shift+h to find and replace in all scripts ( 2 ) (22)
Ability to link certain instance properties with 'PropertyValues'? (4)
Group to Folder. Like Group but instead of creating a model it creates a folder (9)
Finger positions for Device Emulator (8)
Toolbox Search Update (Search in general) (12)
Official support for local assets in studio (2)
Add a Flatten Tool for Terrain (2)
Compression of Studio Save Files (.rbxl, .rbxmx, etc) (3)
Custom Materials For Parts and Terrain And Higher-Resolution Textures (8)
Can roblox please get proper scaling support? (7)
Some more GUI instances [ ColorInversion, Colorizer ] (6)
TextCapture should work with the Official Roblox Dialogue System's way of storing dialogue (1)
Ability to hide warnings from CoreScripts (3)
Remove the new "+" button in the updated studio explorer ( 2 3 ) (45)
Don't Render Non-Visible Studio Windows (5)
Option for SurfaceGuis to behave like Decals (4)
3rd-decimal movement increments (6)
Multi-mesh importing, being able to upload multiple meshes at once ( 2 ) (24)
Ability to preview GUIs outside of StarterGui (12)
The ability to Edit/Bake a Navmesh and Joints/Actions within (6)
Save collapsed folds (4)
Group similar object properties together in properties window (1)