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Some assets can be named nothing for only you temporarily (3)
HD Admin Model not showing up in bestselling sort (3)
Infinite Fun Captcha on Login page (13)
Removing Gears From Game Page Shows Yes/No Prompt (3)
Builder's Club Stipend Bonus randomly ended? (18)
Social media links aren't cleared when a game is deleted (4)
No e-mails on password reset (7)
[ROBLOXCRITICAL] Site is generally broken [ENGINE, STUDIO and WEB] ( 2 3 4 5 ) (88)
Username change not registered (2)
Buttons on mobile website header pop out of place (2)
Graph controls on Place Statistics page out of place (2)
Game notifications play button not translated (5)
Front page game set to private somehow (4)
New Group Page Lists Unusable (6)
Private Inventories are Still Accessible (3)
200 people now own my group with higher permissions than me, and may have access to group funds and edit group places (13)
Being Charged For Groups I Couldn't Create (3)
Avatar 2D Image Bug (1)
Can't update places (3)
Attempting to update my place's title or description throws a "Bad Request" error (7)
Image loading problem for Dev Product / Gamepass Prompts (2)
Wrong Language in Moderation Reports (11)
Unable to add new roles to group (7)
Roblox Blog's images don't load (8)
Friends Played section shows games played by friends with restricted privacy settings (1)
'View all' button on localized home page will redirect you to accessories (1)
Unable to login into Roblox Windows App (4)
Decals Get Stuck With "Pending Moderation" Image (3)
Group social links sometimes gets cut off (4)
Followers has very short or empty pages (1)