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Ability to ban players in-engine on several levels of severity ( 2 3 4 ) (72)
Remove Clan-Related Logs from the Audit Log (3)
Game Organisation - Shadowing and Deletion ( 2 3 ) (42)
Create a Media Links section for linking content such as Devforum posts and Youtube Videos (3)
Localized Date Formats (5)
Rollback Option for Trade (14)
Developer exchange eligibility status displayed (7)
Show group models in group store (1)
Request to Sunset 'Allowed Gear' (6)
Limiteds automatically become limited after a period of time (1)
[Rixty] - Better payment methods (5)
Notifications for Accessories (3)
Face asset pages should have a 3d preview button (1)
Add "blank" Rthro bundles that support clothing (5)
Remove the "Popular Near You" sort (3)
Ability to mark News as read (3)
Every username is taken ( 2 ) (31)
Remove plugin comments altogether or optional remove setting (4)
Still able to view a specific player's Meshes, Decals, Models and Plugins even though inventory is hidden (8)
Develop tab & Catalog dropdowns (2)
White Strips on Game Thumbnail + Dark Theme (3)
Settings Page should only request Account PIN when changes are made (3)
Revert the new website font ( 2 ) (36)
Remove unnecessary text on Store page for games that sell no passes/gears (4)
Remove "Free" label in Library and show that information more compactly (3)
Add “Redeem” button on sidebar linking to toy/promo code redeem page (3)
Ability to choose what age group(s) an advertisement/sponsored game is displayed to (3)
Customizing Limiteds (6)
Not Interested Button for Recommended Games (3)
Custom tags for catalog items and games (9)