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Lilly's Group Overhaul ( 2 3 4 5 6 ) (114)
Still able to view a specific player's Meshes, Decals, Models and Plugins even though inventory is hidden (6)
Please Fix Player Count Once And For All (4)
Group Ally Requests search feature (1)
[Poll] Ability to edit the offset of accessories? (19)
Breathing new life into ROBLOX gear ( 2 ) (23)
Ability to add/edit/remove cloud localization table entries through the Roblox website for the Source locale (3)
Allow group games to only be played by a specific rank (3)
Server Status Page (14)
Additional social link sites (3)
Uniform server version number in configure place (2)
Remove Recommended from Home Page (8)
Option to hide meshes from inventory (5)
Being Able to Follow Anyone Into Your Own Game (11)
Remove "Show unavailable items" From Library (12)
More group role slots (16)
Unable to purchase a Badge for a group game with personal funds (15)
Plugins should be deleted from your inventory when uninstalled (3)
Hide inventory on profile (8)
Private inventory setting for groups (12)
Group ranks having access to private group games without studio access (1)
Add a way to mass-report accounts (8)
Specifying group place access to specific roles (2)
Add DevEx Button Under Robux Dropdown (15)
Add Funds To Group Without Tax ( 2 ) (22)
Differentiate users who are deleted from users with hidden inventories in inventory API (4)
Change to Game Icon Information (3)
Party System should be brought back (8)
Ability to re-arrange the order in which badges are displayed (3)
Roleset Permissions API (5)