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[OPEN] [25K] Scripter for Car System (4)
Hiring developer for nearly complete game, 35% + 10k Robux (1)
[HIRING!] SCP Development (10)
[CLOSED] Hiring Minigame Mania Co-Developer [Builder] (4)
[CLOSED] Commissioning a composer for an adventure game soundtrack (9)
[CLOSED/HIRED] Hiring 3D Modeler (6)
[OPEN] Modeler/Terrain/Map job position in Shyfoox Studios (8)
[CLOSED] Roblox Programmer & Web Developer (1)
Head Developer Position at biggest anime serious roleplay game (16)
[CLOSED 65K+ 35% OR 40K + 40%] Recruiting Programmers for QuestMaster! (9)
[CLOSED] Map Area Construction for a simulator game (4)
[Hiring] Developers needed for Downtown Robloxia (17)
[OPEN] Hiring UI Designer for Area-27v2 (3)
Offworld Productions | Looking for a Builder for an FPS game! (5)
[CLOSED] Looking for vector icon designer (3)
Hiring A Builder! (16)
Vesteria is hiring modelers again! Help us build the best fantasy experience on Roblox! (2)
[Closed] Hiring a Builder for an RPG (20)
[CLOSED ]BLOCKWORK | Hiring Game Trailer Designers ( 2 ) (23)
[HIRING] Poseidon Underwater Resort & Spa Developer Position (12)
Recruiting Map Builder | Looking for experienced builder, up to 80K Robux pay (7)
Third-person weapon systems | Programmer needed! (3)
[CLOSED] Hiring Programmers for SCPF Site/Group (3)
[CLOSED] Hiring a programmer for Enigma Studios! (Make sure you tell me if you added me on Discord) (8)
[CLOSED ]Hiring Builders/ Modelers For a Low Poly Fantasy RPG/Sim Game - Contract Based 150K R$ (16)
[CLOSED] UI Designer for Blox World (7)
[Hiring] Magic Revelations Magic Maker (1)
[CLOSED] Create a List of Items (13,328 Robux) (9)
[CLOSED] Palm tree 3D model + texture (3)
[CLOSED] Hiring Programmers - Noble Games | $160 + Revenue (2)