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Small weapons suite (5)
Need a scripter for my admin panel. ( UI is provided, R$ ) ( CLOSED ) (16)
[CLOSED] [10-15$ PER ANIMATION] Hiring Weapon Animator (6)
(CLOSED) Looking for builders, scripters, UI artists, animators, and music composers for a new game! (15)
[CLOSED] Hiring music producer! (7)
Need builders and scripters for a "Wizard of Oz" theme park and family resort (1)
Hiring a Scripter/GUI Designer (Closed) (2)
Looking for an animator (R15) (Robux) [CLOSED] (2)
CLOSED Hiring a 3D Modeller for a Low Poly Mesh ($50 or 14000 R$) (3)
Developers needed. ( Long term, backup plan included) (CLOSED) (7)
NYC Development Team [CLOSED] (8)
[$30+ USD/hour] Roblox Education Partner looking for animator (6)
FILLED - Seeking UI Designer (FILLED) and Scripter (FILLED) for a Small, Paid Access Game (4)
[CLOSED] ROYear - Recruiting Team Members (5)
[HIRING] Builder for Upcoming Driving Universe Game (4)
[OPEN] Looking for developers to help create Legend of the Eldritch (6)
[Hiring] Scripters/Animators (4)
Cronus Network is hiring! (Builders, Scripters, Graphics And Animators) (13)
[HIRING] Graphics Designer + 3D Modeler (2)
Looking for help with building details on project (9)
[CLOSED] [$5-$50 each] Maps and models needed for a quick game (11)
Looking for Scripter for RP game (8)
Super blocky ball guy needs builders for my new marble game (5)
Looking for Voxel terrain artist (3)
Hiring a Scripter [Soccer/Football] (2)
Recruiting a texture artist (7)
[CLOSED] OverSouls is in need of a scripter! (4)
[CLOSED] Hiring UI designer [$3,500 USD] (8)
Hiring BUILDERS who can build with Parts, Meshes, and Welds [$500] (7)
[225,000 R$] Make various animations for Eviction Notice! (2)