Èl Swèetè Cafe | Handbook

Hello! Thank you for taking time to review Èl Swèetè Cafe’s handbook! Reading this handbook is very important for all baristas to be able workers.


1# If a troller/hacker/customer engages you in fighting, try to unengage from the conversation. If you can not unengage from the fight, move onto another server or just go to another station.

2# If an manager, or any other administrator is admin abusing , report it on the group wall and the administrator will be demoted promptly. Please do not abuse this reporting feature.

3# If a higher rank is telling you to back down or do a certain action, do it immediately or you will be demoted (HRs know best :wink:)
4# If you are see a troller trolling, or a related issue, report it, or if you are able to, ban/kick the offender.

5# Any HR who random kicks/bans will immediately be demoted. If you need to ban/kick, provide a reason of why the ban/kick was necessary.

6# If someone random bans/kicks you, please report them immediately on the group wall.

7# If you find a bug in the game such as the cafe falling apart, please report that problem also!

8# Always be kind and courteous to the customers, and hear them out if they are displeased.

9# We do monthly surveys to improve your experience, so please take them if you have the time!

10# Have fun!