˚。⋆୨୧˚ Eisals Handbook ˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆


Let’s introduce the group; eisals is a clothing group that also focuses on gameshows. We strive to supply you with high quality pieces and fun!

Table of content:

Affiliate Information


  • Your group MUST have an organized Roblox and communications server. This grants us the ability to communicate effectively.
  • You must have at least 300 group members, non-botted members and an active community.
  • If your group has a bad reputation on the Roblox or/and Discord platform(s), we will immediately decline your application.
  • We do not accept groups who practice ‘rank selling’ as we strongly believe that all individuals must work for their ranks.
  • If your partnership application is accepted, you must be able to provide us with two users who will represent your group. If one/both of these representatives change, please notify a High Rank immediately. Additionally, we ask that your group announces events as requested.
  • Specifically for clothing groups, if your group has stolen/copied clothing, we will immediately decline your application.


  1. Why have you chosen to ally with Eisals?
  2. What’s your group about? Explain and link the group and communications server.
  3. How can we benefit you? How can you benefit us?
  4. Who will be representing your group if your application is accepted? State their Discord username along with their Roblox usernames.
  5. If we accept your application, do you agree to announce most, if not all of our events?

You can send your application to a member of the Public Relations Division (they would have that role in the communications server) or if none are online, you can DM it to a Vice President+. Make sure to write it on a Google Document.

Designer Requirements

If you agree to all terms listed below, please forward a message to an individual from the Designing Division stating you would like to design for Eisals and and provide examples of your work.

  • Designers are to upload quality clothing as these pieces will be displayed within our homestore for all members to purchase.
  • All clothing must follow the aesthetic of the group. Business, formal, and other types of clothing will not be accepted.
  • All designers are expected to upload ONCE at week, however, they may upload two pieces maximum. If this requirement is not met, they will be subject to consequences.
  • 100 robux will be given per design. However, this is subject to increase as the group grows.
  • As a staff member, Designers are expected to act professionally at alliances and our facilities, be mature, etc.
Discord & Game Appeals

Before appealing you need to wait a certain amount of time:

  • Discord ban: 1 week.
  • Game ban: 1 month.

If you try to appeal before that time has passed your appeal will be automatically declined.


  1. What’s your Roblox username? What’s your Discord name & tag?
  2. What are you appealing for? Discord or game ban?
  3. What did you do that got you banned?
  4. Did you learn from your past actions?
  5. Do you promise not to repeat those actions?
In Game Guidelines

Everyone must follow these guidelines in order to ensure a safe community for everyone.

  • Wear appropriate attire. A staff member is allowed to remove you from the server if you fail to change your inappropriate attire.
  • Be kind to everyone & do not cause drama. We’re all here to have fun and play minigames together.
  • Follow Roblox’s ToS, that also means exploiting is not allowed at all. You will be permanently banned from the game if you do so.