“About the Forum Help Category” References Subcategories

A pinned topic, “About the Forum Help Category,” mentions that you can post in #forum-feedback:forum-help’s subcategories.

Since Discourse does not allow a subcategory to have subcategories of its own, this should be changed to something that reflects that, such as:

  • All forum members can create topics in this category and reply to topics.
  • Non-forum members cannot see this category.

The “about” topics for #forum-feedback:forum-features and #forum-feedback:forum-bugs are not affected by this issue, instead, their information is written like my suggested correction above.

You can view the original topic below:

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It looks like you misinterpreted it. They mean the subcategories of Forum Feedback. However, this needs to be clarified, yes. Oh, and a subcategory can’t have subcategories, that’s a Discourse limitation :wink:

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At first I thought I had misread the category guidelines, but for the other two subcategories, #forum-feedback:forum-bugs and #forum-feedback:forum-features, the text is identical to my suggested correction. The “about” topic for #forum-feedback:forum-help should therefore be updated for consistency.

I have updated the topic to reflect that, thanks!

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Fixed it, but in the future please follow this process: (edited Forum Features about post)

This saves on clutter requests. This does not need to be seen by everyone using this category.

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