• Photorealistic render - "Lost" •

Project: "LOST"

The Story:
Two Special Air Service soldiers have been cut off from the squad due to unfortunate circumstances. They ended up being lost in an unknown hospital. Their main mission is to exit the enemy hospital and rendezvous with the rest of the squad.

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Sounds like an amazing storyline, the amount of detail on the render is stunning; I wouldn’t know how to begin making something like that. Keep up the amazing work!


Thank you very much! I appreciate the feedback!

This looks amazing! although as far as the people in the GFX you can barely see them and that makes a blurry effect automaticlly.

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Much appreciated! For full image quality, please refer to my Artstation.

Absolutely amazing, good job. You should keep making them.

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I really appreciate the feedback!

I presume you used a HDRI and a lightroom for this?