⁙ Invisible collision malware ⁙

⁝ Quick summary of problem

The game was fine yesterday, I log on today but suddenly everything is looped in collision = true which is server-sided (Both Client + Server test does this)

⁝ Malware Check

I used the feature Find All / Replace all to try and find this script. All scripts listed were normal and I also checked for obfuscated code but there was none.

⁝ Plugin Check

I also disabled all my plugins and it still happening which is weird since that’s the last thing I could think of.

I’m not sure if it’s a bug on Roblox but I can’t find a solution can anyone suggest some ideas?

search for CanCollide in the find all, the script will show up. You could also search for require

how about you check the scripts more

I already stated in Malware Check of doing that.

What do you mean by “looped in collision = true”?

Where it keeps on enabling can collide even if you disable it mid test,

Yes, but you probably didn’t search everything that could possibly show up. You should be checking in Studio and in an actual play test to see what shows up.

I checked for the following:

while wait do(
while true do(
CanCollide = true

Do this happens in Studio only?

I saved a copy and published it and it also did it no error / print / warn in console though

try restarting roblox studio, or reinstall roblox studio

He said it not only happens in studio.

He said he checked his plugin in the post.

well then it sounds like a script is doing this, is this affected on any other places?

Not at the moment no and I know its server-sided but no module / script is doing this?

What makes this “invisible collision malware” does it spawn parts and set their transparency to 1 with CanCollide set to true?

ever tried disabling all scripts including localscripts?

By that, it means there is malware somewhere in the game but it’s nowhere to be seen.

Are you sure it’s Server-Sided? Did you try to set CanCollide to true in the client?

I did that by disabling all section scripts/local scripts but it didn’t work unless I forgot one. I’ll try it again really quickly.