★ Skeletal Frenzy Open Alpha Release [Need Feedback]

Skeletons are nigh!

The first person melee combat game I’ve been posting devlogs frequently about is now out for open alpha testing. Make sure to join in and give feedback. The purpose of alpha stage is to find bugs if any, and hear suggestions from the players on how to improve the game.

Come let’s have proper swordfight!

  • You should format the remaining time in a match to be MM:SS
  • The wild animal is fairly annoying to have in the arena. No damage seemingly can be dealt to it.

The only opinion I have on the game is that the low health effects are actually really distracting and detracting to my experience. I can’t see Crucial HUD elements clearly because these effects overlap them.

GL with progress.

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Thanks for the feedback!

Will do!

The thing is it can only be released with gold. Right now all alpha players receive 40 gold just for joining, but gold can be bought only with robux, so it would be pretty annoying for someone to waste robux on animal that can be easily killed. I however just added an update that destroys the animal 60 seconds after release, as I agree that having it squeal for 6 minutes can be quite annoying.

Yes, but they are meant to be that way. The full effect (black and white screen, really dark dirt) appears only when health is <= 20, so character is near dead. It is meant to make it harder and more tense to fight when you are on low health.

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Done! I knew about this issue but put it off thinking it would require a whole rescript of the timer, turns out it took just 2 lines of code xD

Please add m ore skellAI everyone kept rage quiting aftyer dying once and the fist fighting rarley worked I say reduce the weapon damage the cheeta is too OP and I found a wierd bug where you can go inside the football and control it from there

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This was just the first the day of open alpha test run, so I put a low amount on sponsors. I’m gonna do a couple quick updates and invest a lot in advertising so there are players.
I believe it is not the game’s fault that people rage quit, and game’s focus is PVP, the skellAI is just there to keep the player busy before the server fills.
Also I target only 13+ audience, so after I do some heavy advertising, there should be enough adequate players to keep the servers full even after some ragequit.

The cheetah can be released only for gold, which you can get only with robux. Now all alpha players receive 40 gold on first time joining, but after it runs out, they’d have to spend robux on it, so making cheetah weak would make it undesirable to open.

xDDD, I’ll fix that right now!

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Obstructing vital information is a bad decision for the User Experience. During the core gameplay loop you don’t ideally want to obstruct the flow of information to the player yourself without good reason. There’s a ton of asterisks here such as flashbangs though.

I think you should set the Z Index of the VFX behind the core UI. That UI should not be obstructed during gameplay.