♔ Jayixthenland ♔ | Action, Adventure Role-Playing game | [New & Upcoming]

Hello! Hope you’re doing well.

Nobel is a very small group of developers including me. We’re currently working on a game called Jayixthenland.


Genre: Action, Adventure, Role-Playing

The game consists of a vast and wonderful world with numerous, unique factions. Some of which include: Leyadel (neoclassical), Lithia (Nordic), Jian-Rou (Asiatic), and Silus (Medieval).

The world is one with conflict as the factions are at war, and evil spawn of an ancient time shrouds the land. Only the strong thrive in this world.

Swear loyalty and join a faction of your choosing, and build yourself up. Lay your roots, build your home, explore the countless trade and monetary opportunities in the world, and participate in and interact with a wholesome and welcoming community. The world is filled with exciting, fun activities to enjoy yourself or with friends!

Wield your might and valor, and fight for what you believe in. Whether your ambition to illuminate the world with the bright glow of good, or plunge it ever deeper into the darkness of the abyss.

Join the many guilds in the world and walk your path with others who share your ambition. Make friends, and form alliances to reach your goal quicker.

Your choices determine your fate, and the fate of the world. What will you choose to do? Join now and start your journey.

About development:
The game’s been in developer for over 6 months now. In the time we’ve made excellent progress in the time spent.

We we currently in the process of getting the word out there about Jayixthenland, and building our community.

We’re planning on releasing a (closed) alpha on Roblox in the near future. Everyone is welcome to play! EST: ~2 months

Here is some media from our game. Hope you like it!
[Cinematic] Osgotti, Lithia

City of Leyadel:
A rainy day


City of Silus:

Thank you very much for taking the time to viewing and reading this post! It is much appreciated.

All feedback is welcome. Let us know what you think!


Silus’s textures looks way worse than the other cities…Otherwise really good…looking forward to when its all finished


Haha yes, they could use some serious recoloring. The colors don’t contrast well with each other for sure.

(It’s the reason by the way I made that image smaller :sweat_smile:)

And thank you!

I agree with the other reply that Silus sticks out. The others look fantastic and the rainy day in Leyadel is awesome. Great work!

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Hoping to re-do the textures eventually along the road. Still so much to do.

Thank you for the kind words ^-^

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I’m only curious about the lag. I assume with a map that size there has to be a decent amount generated.

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I can do you professional standard pbr texture work if you are interested in a collab?

Got a load of Old mossy wall textures i made but ended up never using…

Drop me a message if ya interested. They are done with substance designer so all the colours and vegetation and levels of damage and can be changed dynamically for whatever needs you have

For example all of theses pics are the same .sbsar file just with different settings applied.

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We’ve kept that in mind, and already have a solution. A custom streaming and LOD system is in place to optimize things.

Yes those PBRs are quite good :clap:

Although, in spite of it being a good offer, we don’t have any place open on the team :pensive:

Gives me Skyrim vibes. I’ve got nothing to offer in terms of feedback because this is significantly better than anything I’ve done! Best of luck.

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