✦ [PORTFOLIO] [UPDATED] DeaddCorpsee's Community Manager/Builder Services

Hello there, know more about me.

:paperclip: Developing since 2017.
:paperclip: I moderate & manage on PC of course.
:paperclip: I’m polite, fast, hard-working, good, professional mature, and determined.
:paperclip: Have past experience in groups from 4K to 26K.
:paperclip: Great communication skills and organized.
:paperclip: I have a consistent activity, I know to listen to others and I always try to improve myself while giving the best service I can.
:paperclip: Good music taste.

Where I have been working?

Max authority and rank beside owner in Lenna’s Army (TikTok 6K, HemmLena, Discord). Evidence

Community Manager at Halection’s Clothing (Roblox 4K, Lohecle, revamped Discord, remade the ranks). Ranks

Junior Moderator at Paint 'N Guess (Roblox 26K, moderation). Evidence


Contact me at Discord, user Aleay ✘; ✦#7275.


Ooo, I know you hate this part!

:money_with_wings: Depends a lot on what you want me to build.
:money_with_wings: I also build small things you need like from more than 15Rs.
:money_with_wings: 100 Robux for each week of being staff and if CM small payments like more than 15Rs for Discord things, setup, bots, etc…

Examples of builds.


My old acc badges: https://gyazo.com/08bfa2d552358815b6702ed003bc2f27
My Roblox Got Talent stage got approved by @flvurry and I got SH.


Nice job, but the last model I believe is a free model, you shouldn’t be taking credit for that yourself.

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I got the jar from the toolbox, but I did the script. I’m deeply sorry!