[0.2] AI_Playground | Use AI inside Roblox Studio

Both depends if you use Do or Ask.

chatgpt doesn’t work now :confused: if it’s fixed then i will use the plugin


He can’t do even slightly complex things, it makes errors

Hello “WHY”, this issue is caused by two factors:

  • The fact that AI is still a developping field.
  • How the plugin’s Do feature uses :loadstring to work, a function that can’t really edit scripts.

You can still use the App for experiment purposes.
Have a nice day!

that person took your idea without you knowing… :confused:

AIB v1.0 (BETA PLUGIN) AI Chat Bot

i start to working on it month ago

I don’t think he stole the idea. To be honest, when I first thought about this plugin, I was sure that someone had done it before, but surprisingly, that wasn’t the case.

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ok, why didn’t he tell you before?

Don’t know, he probably has his reasons. I’m not too worried about that, because the v1 i’m currently working on will use advanced technologies to generate more accurate results.
Not sure if it’s possible for now but working on it.

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Literally refuses to open once I’ve installed it? Fixed it by giving script permissions and restarting studio however this plugin currently has very limited capabilities from what I’ve messed about with. It’s an interesting concept which I’m sure will get better over time but we’ll have to see.

Yup, current AI-models aren’t really able to do lots of things. This plugin is mostly an experimental tool to play around with, not really something that will improve your workflow.

When I ask ChatGPT to write Lua code, half of the time it gives me mixed Lua & JavaScript code and the other half there is a chance of the code being completely wrong. How does this work around the limitations of not having a full grasp of Roblox’s API?

Many people are misunderstanding the difference between ChatGPT and GPT-3. OP uses GPT-3 along with the Davinci language model, the latest one yet.

ChatGPT being down (for example when too many people are using), has completely nothing to do with the downtime of the API.

I’ve dropped down a snippet on how you can make API requests to OpenAI’s API and receive responses based of a prompt.

local http = game:GetService('HttpService')
local promptmsg = 'Hello!'
local request = http:RequestAsync({
    Url = 'https://api.openai.com/v1/completions',
    Method = 'POST',
    Headers = {
        ['Content-Type'] = 'application/json',
        ['Authorization'] = 'Bearer APIKEY', -- replace APIKEY with your own api key
    Body = http:JSONEncode({
        prompt = promptmsg,
        model = "text-davinci-003",
        max_tokens = 500,
        temperature = 0,
local response = http:JSONDecode(request.Body)
promptmsg ..= response.choices[1].text..'\n\n' -- allows gpt to remember previous prompts
local promptresponses = response.choices[1].text:split('\n\n')
local promptmsg = promptresponses[#promptresponses] -- returns what gpt said


I’m working on a way to give excerpts of Roblox documentation to the AI-model when making a request, but it’s something pretty difficult to make so it may take some time.

In the meantime, the limits of untrained AIs can be played around with and you’ll sometimes see the model give interesting results.

Thanks for your answer, have a great day!

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for some reason, my monitor keeps cutting off the first word, and it’s very annoying.

Hello @ezz_mady,

I’ve looked into your problem and successfully found where it went wrong. The problem should be fixed as soon as you update the plugin.

Contact me if you run into any other issue!

I want this plugin, but ChatGBT is not available in my country. Is there any way I could use it without an API key?

There is unfortunately no way to use AI_Playground without an API Key.

Sorry that I may sound stupid, but is this able to create like 3D objects in studio and not just 100% scripting?