1 month until my release. What do you think so far?

Good day fellow developers, I hope you are all having a good day.

For the past few months, I have been building this game during my spare time. I might not be the best builder/terrain modeler but I am quite proud of what I have accomplished so far. However, I am aware that I have a lot to improve regarding my building and modeling. This is where you guys could really help me out by pointing out imperfection, errors, improvement, tips and tricks. Its really up to you what you would like me to add or fix up. I will read every comment so please if you got something to critic this is the place for you lol.

Link to game : Nyctophilia 🖤 - Roblox
For anyone wondering what the game is about it is kinda like a vibe/exploration/showcase game.
Hope you like it :wink:

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I played it and noticed the Music button, I really hate the button due to the fact that it’s old… Maybe you could find a way to remove it?


That’s a good idea. Although I am not sure if I would remove it, I could definitely change the font and colour of it.

No, just remove it. The game will be much better.

This game is amazing, but there is one very small thing I would change:


Notice how high the name GUI is. It would be a lot better if you could make it lower.

Other than that, there is nothing else that needs some work.

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invisible platform be liek

also waterfall kinda bad

it isnt necesarily clear that you walk on sunrays…

what do we do here?

nvm got it

great game tho
i can’t wait for full release

getting really good vibes from the game

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I overall like the idea of the game, and the execution of the idea. There a few things which you might consider adding to increase the players overall experience.

  • Add ProximityPrompts to the chairs/seats rather then having them walk onto them to sit.
  • Maybe add a few mini-games/activies here and there for players to do if they are bored.
  • Possibly add some sort of emote-system.
  • Cosmetic Shop (Such as particles, custom lanterns, etc.)

Other then that the game looks great overall, if targeted to the right audience it could do well.

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