1 remoteFunction activating 2 functions

let’s say I have a tool equiped. in that tool is a remoteFunction.
in a clientscript i trigger the remoteFunction.
now i want 2 thing’s to happen

    1. whatever the tool needs to do
    1. log on the server what the tool did
      i can only edit the serverscript and at the moment it looks like this
The Script
game.Players.PlayerAdded:Connect(function (plr)
			char.ChildAdded:Connect(function (tool)
				if tool:FindFirstChildWhichIsA("RemoteFunction") then
					local RemoteFunction = tool:FindFirstChildWhichIsA("RemoteFunction")
					RemoteFunction.OnServerInvoke = function(...)

inside the tool is another function that alsow activate on the same remoteFunction.
the script choses to either fire one or the other

i can’t add any line of code’s inside the tools itself as it`s ment as a security logging script

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I’m not sure I understand what you’re asking here. If you’re listening to OnServerInvoke event once already, why can’t you just log what the tool did on the server as well as perform the function that the tool is required to within the single OnServerInvoke function?

I`m using 3rd party tools (f3x)

I used to do the method you describe. but if the tool updates all my edits to the tool are gone.
next to it, scripters can join my game. require the same tool. and will have one without the logs.