[$10-$100 USD] Clothing Designer


Hey there. I’m John and I’m looking for a HD clothing designer… I am planing on making a medieval game with different game modes. I would like someone who is good at making very realistic clothing. I am willing to pay up to $100 usd depending on the amount of work. If needed I will pay more. If you have a set price per peace in mind let me know. Thanks from John…

Must have:

  • A sufficient way to stay in contact DevForum will not work

  • A pay pal or other form of payment

  • Some of you best work you’ve done

  • Must be at least 13+

I may or may not be able to use PayPal I’m currently finding out alternatives…


If you’d like some recommendations so you get your money’s worth, I’ll leave a couple of the best’s tags below:

I used @DurstAuric and he made a phenomenal suit. Great guy, great time management, and crazy attention to detail- he’s worth his high price.
Likewise, my friend, @MissShu, is also amazing. Her prices are majorly cheaper than Durst’s; however, it’s sacrificed for a simplicity that still looks great.
Another great option that I know of is @sheric (from a recommendation from Shu). She has good quality and her prices are the cheapest of the three listed.

I hope this will help you find the best candidate!


I second this. @sheric is :ok_hand:


Those three clothing gods are the best (imo) around. All three produce great quality products, are friendly, and active!


Couldn’t agree more. Plus, they’re all super friendly!


Yeah I sent her a DM about working for me. She has yet to respond but I got another person who looks like they would do good.


Think I’m going to wait getting a clothing designer for right now. Thanks everyone who has posted and helped. Thanks from John…


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