[10 -30K-%] Hiring scripters / Gui for Australian sport game

National Robloxian League Development

Introduction - Overview
Modes - —
FantasyLeague - —
Competitive Leagues - —
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Only hiring experinced Developers


National Robloxian League Development Plans - Google Docs

The National Robloxian League is a League based off the in real life League, National Rugby League. For copyright reasons we’re naming it National Robloxian League to prevent the inevitable copy legislation down the road. This is an in depth overview of everything relating to the game, potential gameplay aspects, controls and plans. Everything listed below is subject to change throughout the course of development. We’re looking to create a game similar to football universe but more widely based on Rugby League Live 4, although not an indirect copy of everything we will be basing Programming and GUI from them.

The idea of making leagues similar to football universe is widely used, what would make us any different? Well, first of all we would be introducing modes. No, not 5v5, 6v6 or 12v12. But instead incorporating other leagues. For example 3 well known sports most Australians and New Zealand members know of Union, AFL and NRL. This will allow us to incorporate everything and give a wide rage of sports for players to enjoy. Secondly we would like to introduce Fantasy League just like in Madden you’re able to create and simulate your team, rebuilding them how you like this will be made into League based, so you can invite your friends to join and do mini simulated leagues for those who do not have time to play the game and grind and an online fantasy league mode for those who wanna vs weekly for prizes and rewards.
Also like in Madden there is a MUT mode, or a basically ultimate team creator, where you can create your ultimate team by grinding, collecting player cards and ultimately becoming the best league player. Players will be able to buy increased,
XP boosters 1x,2x and ,x5 as also buying pack openings to help boost their chances. Players can also buy a gamepass which allows them to create their own Card for other players to use and will depend on their overall when creating the card.

How people would be signed to official league teams?

Players would enter through free agency and would become eligible to be signed by all teams when they’ve joined the group, played the game and joined discord. Players would be ranked from 1 - 100+ for coaches to sign.


@LuciferVonhart - Founder, Lead Developer.
Formale - Roblox
Skoobless' Games - Roblox



What type of gui do you want for it…
And what colour…?
Try and get in contact with me on the dev forum or axolotlmytimev2 on roblox or bradleywhyborn@icloud.com
Try and get in contact with me :slight_smile:

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Hi in the document above is screenshot of reference of the GUI we’re trying to achieve off of the game rugby league live. Although the the GUI i made above doesn’t look as accurate i would want to try and achieve something like that.

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Hmm you made that yourself it’s quite good but I could improve it a it more if you want me to try :slight_smile:

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Send me your portfolio and i’ll have a look! :slight_smile:

image hows this

Me and my friend at school worked on…

Have you done anything as high detail as this?

I can try I have help with fe2 shutdown

Just look what me and tony333444 made https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=VS04Zam2X9w

There was an old version then me and tony buffed and revamped it

I don’t think this is up to the quality i want it to be since im forking out 10 - 30k robux

Ok but tell truth does shutdown look amazing…?

It does but the quality im trying to get is something as close as possible to the reference one.

Although this is a very detailed forum post, I want to suggest a couple things to further enhance the traffic of commentators:

  • Even though you show the price in the title, I would specify it in the description as well
    For me reading, I scrolled through since I was confused about the standards that required 10-30k or what percent I would be making.

  • Specify how the income is made
    This kind of corrolates to the above statement where if someone is focusing on programming AND UI editing, are they only getting 30k? or are they getting 30k + a percentage.

  • Experienced how?

This is kind of ambiguous. I would include some examples on what an “experienced” developer looks like, because anyone could say they’re experienced but still not live up to your expectations.

Other than that, it’s a nice post and has a lot of info regarding how the game is intended to turn out, I look forward to seeing a game like this in the future! :slight_smile:

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