[10-50$][Closed] Modeler and Animator


  • Teamwork
  • Meeting Due Dates
  • Show Past Work


  • Animator will animate and rig NPC’s
  • Modeler will make game pieces {like in a Monopoly game but most be animatable}

  • depends on skill a quality of work
  • 10-50$ or 1k - 5k in Robux’s
  • 5%

[Age]: you have to be over 13+ to apply

My Discord is |¤_×|#1434

Just curious, what would the modeler be making?

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I could apply as a modeler.
Arziio#4953 in discord!

That’ my question too…

Okay, I will let you be the modeler xd

I am interested!

Add me on Discord: ProGamerResul5566#9513

Yeah I would like to apply for the 3D modeling position
Discord: FingerToes#2196

Pls just contact me with my discord above or right here |¤_×|#1434

How much is the animator getting paid? And how much animations do they have to do?

I am will to pay the same amount for both but price are negotiable base on skill

I sent a friend request; Pram the clam#9508

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