10 years' progression

I would’ve waited until the 26th to post this but I probably would’ve forgot :woman_shrugging:

According to the join date of my first account, the 26th of this month marks the day where I’ve been on the Roblox platform for ten years:

Screenshot 2021-03-05 125833

I tried to look through all of my accounts (that I could remember) for models to mark how far I’ve come in building but I couldn’t find any except for one. Luckily it was from 2012 so it’s still a big leap between then and now.

Despite the scarcity of my past models, I do actually remember some builds I made over the years:

Such as this from July of 2016

and this from August of 2016

and also this from June of 2017 featuring an earlier version of the record player in the first image

I started building in 2012 but unfortunately I don’t have anything to show as I lost the password to that account years ago. I do remember, though, that my first-ever game made entirely without free models was made in 2013! (can’t show that either. i need to remember my passwords better smh)

This is my most recent build as of 05/03/2021, some of you might’ve seen it in WAYWOC 2020 and 2021. I was originally going to furnish it but I decided to quit and move onto another project.

You can view it in its final state here.

I don’t really have a closing statement. I’d say something cheesy like “here’s to 10 more” or whatever but I’ll be an adult soon so I won’t have as much free time to do this kind of thing.

Definitely won’t quit entirely though