[100 Commands] Admin Commands Panel | Version 1.2

Greetings everyone,
I am happy to announce the release of my new version of my previous admin.

The new admin panel offers you:
-100 cool commands.
-Pretty neat UI and comfortable to work with.
-Ability to give access to group members with required rank.
-Some commands have settings, for e.g - the fire command, lets you decide if to dmg or not the target.
-No need to type entire name of single players.

You can always add more commands [ I will update this sometimes].

1.Get the model.
2.Open Studio, insert the model.
3.Place everything where it needs to be in.
4.Add in that table all the people you would like to give access to that admin panel.

The ui might not look the best, but the admin is 100% functional and working.

Current Commands
-Kick (kicks the player)
-Team(teams the player)
-Chat(chats above player’s head)
-Mute/Unmute (mutes/unmutes the player from chatting)
-Add/Sub(adds/subs value from given stat, stat doesnt have to be in leaderstats!)
-Ban/Unban(bans/unbans the user)
-Gamepass(prompts a gamepass)
-Rejoin(rejoins the player)
-Premium(prompts premium purchase)
-Notify(notifies the player with a given message, roblox’s notification theme].
-HandTool(gives a player the tool you’re equipping)
-Place(teleports you to the given place id)
-AFK(freezes you and names you (YourName…(AFK))
-NamePlr(changes the display name of the player’s character)
-GroupRank(gives you the rank & role of a player in the given group id.
-CopyTools(copies tools from given player into other player’s backpack)
-RemoveTools(removes your tools)
-Hint(Server message)
-Message(Private message)
-AddTeam(Creates a new team)
-RemoveTeam(Removes a team)
-Time(changes the time in your game)
-Gravity(changes the gravity in your game)
-Pnum(gives you how many players are in your server)
-Fog(lets you change fog of the server)
-Quote(gives random popular quotes)
-Kill(kills the target)
-Sit(sits the target)
-Fling(flings the target)
-SizeHead(changes target’s head size)
-Smoke/Unsmoke(controls smoke on target)
-Fire/Unfire(controls fire on target)
-Bot(creates a bot of target, it moves and says random messages)
-Clone(clones the target)
-Char(turns the target into the given id’s character)
-Light/Unlight(controls a PointLight on target)
-Sword(gives the target a sword)
-Infect(turns the target body into green)
-Explode(explodes the target)
-Damage(takes the given dmg from target)
-Speed(changes the speed of target)
-Jump(jumps the target)
-Heal(heals the target)
-Health(changes the max hp of the target)
-Paint(paint the target in given color)
-R6/R15 ( controls the target rigtype)
-Refresh (reloads you in the last place you stood at).
-Title/Untitle(controls a nametag on target)
-GiveTool(gives the given tool id to target)
-Tp(teleports the target to other target)
-Bring(brings the target to you)
-Rope/Unrope(controls on attaching other[s] to other[s])
-Hat(gives the target the given hat id)
-Shirt(gives the target the given shirt id)
-Pants(gives the target the given pants id)
-Face(gives the target the given face id)
-Bundle(gives the target the given bundle id)
-Freeze/Unfreeze(controls on freezing the target)
-Fly(flies the target, ‘e’ to unfly/fly again)
-Ff/unff(controls a ForceField on target)
-Noclip/Clip ( controls on Nocliping the target)
-Posion(taking dmg on target with some effects)
-Bunny(turns the target into a bunny)
-Invisible/Visible (controls the visibility of target)
-Height[R15 ONLY](changes the target’s height)
-Depth[R15 ONLY](changes the target’s depth)
-Width[R15 ONLY](changes the target’s width)
-Btools(gives f3x to target)
-Rocket(flies the target fast towards skies , eventually dies)
-View/Unview ( controls the view on others)
-Spin/unspin (controls the ability to spin)
-RemoveHats(removes the target’s hats)
-Swap(switches between2 given players’ characters)
-Rage(tweens the target’s head until certain size and then explodes,includes music and raging face)
-Potato(inserts a potato on the target’s head)
-Countdown(simply counts down from given number to 0)
-SkyDive(teleports the target to up point in sky)
-Strike(strikes the target with a lightning strike)
-Volume(lets you control the volume of only currently playing sounds in your game, that are descendants of workspace)
-Brightness (controls the brightness in the server)
-Blur(controls the blur in the server)
-Ambient (controls the ambient in the server)
-Jail(jails the target, you can color his jail and edit its sign text)
-Unjail(unjails the target)
-Reflect(controls the reflectance on the target]
-Disco/Undisco(controls the disco mode on server)

[ Content Deleted ] - Roblox . .


Reminder : the previous admin panel has 41 commands, this one has 85 commands!] Enjoy :slight_smile:

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I would suggest to add the option to fetch admins from a group and the command /admin to add admins inetad of adding the ID to the table and shutting down the servers.

The UI could also be improved, to me it looks pretty basic and plain


Do you mean that it should give perms to people that are on certain roles in their group?

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Yes because that way people can rank users in a group without modify anything in the script


Absolutely amazing! Keep up the good work!


nice i would def use it for my games


thank u valkyrop you saved my time


Oh sure, thank you for the suggestion.

Here :

local Admins = {
	["Admins"] = {
		Players = {370831180};
		Group ={ID = 9854805;Rank = 250};


Everyone, small change :

You now can just provide your group id and required rank to be able to access the gui!
Go to the AdminGiver script,
You can provide your players’ IDs and the group + required rank

--Admins [ID's]
local Admins = {
	["Admins"] = {
		Players = {370831180};
		Group ={ID = 9854805;Rank = 250};

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no problems, glad to hear that! enjoy!

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the list of commands looks like 5 minute crafts in roblox studio
85 COMMANDS?!? thats a lot! VERY useful, great job!
a flaw i see is that people can literally use this panel to do a little trolling in their games, plus the ui can have a bit more detail on it


i made the ui look like this on purpose, but the admin itself functions well and works :wink:


Maybe add a command /admin and save the user to a datastore


Looks good, I’ll definitely have to check it out once I get home. The UI could use a bit of work though. Are you looking for testers?


Hey, thank you.

The gui is like that on purpose tho.

Sure, you can test it and tell me what commands u liked / need more stuff,etc.

[I plan on making more commands]

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-6 new commands.
-Issue with the X button has been fixed.

Coming soon:
-More commands

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i really like a Admin Commands for my games, but i surely have myself Admin so im sorry for not using this Admin Commands

NEW feature
You now DONT have to type the entire name of a single player!
If you type : “Ro”
and there is a player named “Roblox” then
It’d detect him and activate the command on him!

[It’s now being applied on every command] You might want/need to use the updated model [ same link]].

More and more commands are being added daily! :wink:

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