100 player server low poly or regular parts

What do you think runs most efficient in a 100 player server. Low poly or classic roblox parts?


by low poly you mean meshparts or the low poly style?


Like custom meshes.


I would use meshparts. It’s easier to control tris count when you can make the mesh yourself. Where you can easily substitute parts for meshes go with parts. its good to use a mixture of both as parts and meshparts have different optimization systems.


By classic Roblox parts do you mean no CSG?

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I definitely second Mistertitanic44 here. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages, so both is an ideal scenario.

When it comes to things you might be upgrading more or that you definitely can see having to change in the future, I would suggest parts. Whereas smaller things that you likely won’t edit in the design sense should be meshes.

The amount of players doesnt affect how much local lag there is. It affects connection lag and moving parts do too. The amount of polygons increases physics replication / calculation lag if the part is dynamic (static collisions are much more efficient). Otherwise the polygon count really just affects the local user who is rendering it.