[1000-2000 USD] Sky City looking for experienced Scripter! CLOSED

BlxChillStudio is looking for experienced programmers to work with collective of developers! :space_invader:

What is the Sky City?

Sky City is a completely new game aimed at maximum entertainment for players! The project was created under the well-known Russian YouTuber “Pozzi” (8.66 mil. Subscribers). The game gained 200,000 visits in first day! An unforgettable experience awaits you in a team of Russian developers.

Play now! [🌈TRAILS UPDATE] Sky City 💎 - Roblox

We are looking for talented programmers ready to perform various tasks.
The candidate must have previous work experience, must have excellent knowledge and work with Lua, and be prepared for various tasks. You will be given instructions, your task will be the technical implementation of ideas. We need employees who are open to a new experience, sociable, resourceful!

You will receive a salary as you complete the tasks. (transfer to a bank account, etc.). You will find a friendly team and a giant fan base. This is a great environment for developers. Work in your mode and complete tasks using your imagination and skills!


:speech_balloon:For further infromation, contact us via Discord: KMartin#4854 (main mapper).


Question, do I need to learn… russian?

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I am interested on working for it.

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