[1000-3000 USD/month] Programmer/UI designer needed for Star Status

This entire project should take 2-4 months give or take, depending on how fast you meet deadlines
It is preferred that you have completed a game/ contributed to a completed game before

The Legal Stuff
You must be 13 or older, and if you choose USD, you must supply us with either a W9 (Americans) or W8-BEN (non-Americans) form. This is the same form you send to roblox to devex.

Job Description
You will be working to complete a feminine-styled new project on Roblox. This game would be completely coded by you and you will be paid in monthly increments until release. Full details on this project can be disclosed either in messages or once you’re accepted, but it is a school type environment and we would prefer you have sizable experience working on larger projects before. Preferably skilled at math. All work must be compatible across desktop and mobile.

These are flexible hours and if you finish all work given to you before the deadline you will not have to complete these hours. Vacation time is included. Good communication skills are very important. We will communicate all tasks through discord and you MUST work well with deadlines. You need to be available to discord call at least somewhat frequently as well.

Payment is completion based. You will be given a timeline with dates of when we expect things to be completed and that can be negotiated with you before you are to get the job so you know what you are expected to do. Payment also varies if you are not the one doing the User Interface. This can be discussed more in detail on discord or devforum direct messages.


If you’re interested, DM me on the devforums, or contact me on discord at Isaac#6841. Include examples of previous work, links to games, and some code you’ve written (Can do anything). This thread will stay open until we find someone!

This job is until the game is completed, but we may commission you afterwards!


“feminine-styled” ??
You mean that the game is targeted towards a female audience?

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You will have probably have more luck if you give more information about the project.

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There isn’t much more information someone needs that isn’t mentioned in the post. I explained what you need to be able to do and I explained the basic premise of the game (feminine high school). I can’t really give away the entire game on a public thread.

Just to get some extra details;

  • What projects have you and your team completed in the past? This can help to attract applicants.
  • Will the programmer be paid if you leave the project mid-way through the month?
  • How long roughly do you expect the project to take to complete?
  • Is this position working off of existing code or from scratch?
  • Is it just within the scope of programming, or will the programmer be expected to have experience in UI design, web programming, etc.

Maybe you could elaborate further on the topics and the skills required for the job?

  • That won’t happen
  • I can’t estimate how fast someone works
  • I answered that in the post
  • I answered that in the post
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  • You said the game would be completely coded by the programmer, but would there be any frameworks/libraries/plugins in place beforehand?
  • How many people are currently on the team - do you expect to be hiring for other positions?

Even if you can’t estimate how fast someone works, I suppose you have an idea and a timeline that shows what needs to be done. I think it would be of great help to your cause if you could clarify for how long the programmer is going to be working.

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  • No
  • 3, and yes. Many positions will be open in the future most likely, but all of it besides the scripter will be one time commission work

You should read this to get a good idea of what to include in your next job post.

updated with estimated timeframe

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I always find it funny how people who have no interest in applying have the most criticism.


You know what Terio is, and how well I do things :wink:

Still looking!

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