[$1000 USD] Post Nuclear War Game Development Team

Hey Developers

Rummy Studios is currently looking for an array of Developers to join its upcoming Post Nuclear War Game Project, inspired by the Fallout series by Bethesda Game Studios, and Metro 2033, we’re looking to develop the premier Post Nuclear War Environment Roleplay Game on the Roblox platform.

:green_book: Job Vacancies

The followign vacancies are currently open on our team!

  • Realistic Weapon Modeler

  • Realistic Character Modeler

  • High Quality Animator

  • In-Game Effects Artist

  • Experienced Front/Back End Scripter

  • Contractor Roles | We are currently experiencing the possibility of contracting a music, and concept artist.

:orange_book: Candidate Requirements

  • Must be over 18 (or be 16 + and have parental consent) to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

  • Must have a functional discord account.

  • Must have functional microphone and earpiece to communicate with team members.

:heavy_check_mark: Application

Contact R.#2464 through discord to apply for this position, you will be required to present a DevForum Portfolio. Best of luck!


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