[$100,000 Robux or $1,000 USD] Low poly builder/modeler, advanced scripter, and Project Manager/Game Designers!

Investors are also needed!

About us and the game

Hi there! We are GeoLite studios, an upcoming game development team. We’re looking for Low Poly Builders, Advanced Scripters, and Project Managers/Game Designers, who are willing to join our team and work with us on our new game. As the main part of the team you will be helping us with the mechanics, gameplay, maps, assets, etc. The general gist of the game would play on the creativity of the users. Players will be able to collect resources to create their town in their individual visions. They can then visit other players’ towns, and take inspiration from them. Players will be the mayor of their own towns, controlling the shape and vision of their island. The pace of the game should be rather calm, drawing heavy inspiration from the mood in Animal Crossing, by Nintendo. Emotions can be easily provoked with the art style and color choices used.

What we can offer

  • A passionate team and staff who will always be there when you need help
  • The opportunity to lead and the opportunity to be innovative
  • A professional but relaxed working environment, where your creative input matters
  • Regular meetings and check-ins on your progress
  • The ability to contribute to ideas of the game and help us advance

What you should be able to offer

  • Your curiosity and want to improve yourself and others
  • Take ownership of projects and be willing to lead
  • Your hard work and best effort
  • You should have a good work ethic
  • Good communication skills are very important!
  • Project managers should know how to handle developers well
  • Project managers should know how to ask for investments
  • Project managers should be able to ask developers for their work on a bi-daily basis
  • Project managers should be able to provide developers with tasks once they are done with their work
  • Project managers should be able to make sure developers are providing work on time
  • Ability to use blender really well

The Job

Advanced Programmer | Low Poly Builder/Modeler | Project Manager/Game Designer


  • Solve and debug any problems by yourself, using DevForum, or by asking the team
  • Do your absolute best and work hard!
  • Project Managers should manage developers
  • Project Managers should plan, organize, and direct the completion of specific projects for an organization while ensuring these projects are on time
  • Project Manager should be able to implement their own ideas and be creative

Must Haves

  • Passion for implementing your own creative idea and original ideas

  • Must be 13+

  • Strong communication skills in English

  • Experience in physics/math

  • A GOOD portfolio that you will attach to your application

  • At least 24 months of Roblox’s Lua experience

  • Being able to create basic placeholders for UI and animation

  • Knowledge of how to re-create and give your own feedback on our planned features

  • Familiarity with developing games for all platforms. (PC, Mobile, Tablet, Console)

  • Asking questions about features you’re developing, in order to not make unnecessary mistakes

  • Being able to give your work to Project Managers and document your progress on a bi-daily basis

  • Project managers should know how to handle developers well

  • Being able to use DevForum for help

  • You need to be very active

  • You should be able to take and use constructive criticism from the community

  • Polishing what you make, making a nice end product that’s not just a rough raw recreation of what you were told to do.

  • Being able to meet with deadlines

  • Experience in security for exploit protection

  • Experience in making sure there is no lag in the game

  • Builders must be able to use blender really well

Nice To Haves

  • Familiarity with OOP (Object Oriented Programming)
  • Have made one or worked on several functioning Roblox games
  • Have experience in working with a studio of over 2 people
  • More than 1 year of scripting, or building, and or manger experience
  • DevForum member status
  • Contribution on DevForum in the Scripting Help, Building Help, and Game Design section
  • Previous work as a Senior Programmer or Senior Builder
  • Having a nice portfolio and being able to live up to it
  • Secondary game development skills - UI/UX, game design, graphic design, audio design, modeling + texturing, etc
  • Any other extra skills that might make your application stronger


We are paying up to 100,000 robux or $1,000 USD to Builders and Scripters, based on your experience, pay can increase later if we feel like you are doing a good job. Project Manager’s pay can be discussed in dms. We will be offering a contract which will guarantee payment.

How To Apply

When applying please send us your portfolio, it would also be great if you could answer all of the must haves and may haves with a yes or no
You can contact us here on the Developer Forum, via Discord: dudegod#1267, or by joining our discord server and contacting the department heads or any of the other staff higher than the department head, please remain patient when applying and DO NOT SPAM. Discord
GeoLite - Roblox

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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