[100K] Hiring Weapons and Shop Programmer [Closed]

An Officer’s Duty 2

Produced by: AOD Studios
Sponsored by: Buckaboo Games


About The Job

We’re currently looking for a programmer who would be interested in taking on a job programming weapons and bringing them to life. This job may also include programming the shop.

Weapon features:

  • first player mode
  • third player mode
  • ammo refilling and run out
  • bullet holes
  • audio
  • animations
  • added line to the police weapons sending them to the prisoner team.
  • modes for semi, semi automatic, and shotgun.

Shop features:

  • loading the player into the shop locally from the pad located outside the shops exterior door.
  • players character teleported to a safe location or storage while inside the shop.
  • providing 3 features within the shop (weapon purchasing, ammo purchasing, and customizations).
  • locked camera positioning and orientation for purchasing features. Only the cameras positioning to be locked for the customization feature.


  • Must be at least 16 years of age. You’ll be working a long side a team of adults (we don’t bite).
  • Must have 3+ years experience programming in Roblox Lua.
  • Must have semi decent skills in animating roblox characters and guns.
  • Must be professional, honest, respectful, and capable of working along side others as a team. Being a team player is the most important skill of being a developer on this platform.
  • Able to complete tasks in a reasonable and realistic time frame. If we find you’re taking months to complete something very simple, we have the right to let you go. Everyone on the team has schooling or a job to juggle so we’re very understanding and flexible with that. However, tasks shouldn’t take multiple months to complete.


We’re offering 50k robux for fully functional weapons and 50k for a fully functional weapons shop. This brings the total to 100k robux.

Game You’ll Be Working For

Please keep in mind that we’re still in alpha stage so the map itself has large incomplete areas and features may only have half their framework completed.


Thank you for reading. If you’re interest or have any questions, you may contact us via Discord: Rebellious_Sarah#0849. :smile:

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