[100K R$] Looking For Builder To Make Outlet Mall + RP City

Builder/Modeler For Outlet Mall + RP City

About Us

BluBlox Development is an upcoming development group who have created “Pepper Clicker” and “Zombie Simulator”.


The Team
@GabbyTheConqueror - Found of BluBox Development, Project Manager
@DuhCrayGurl (FantasyWizardPerson) - Investor, Project Manager
@Coyann - Scripter/Builder
@Chahier - Scripter

About The Job

We are looking for a builder to build us an outlet mall that is combined with a city. We will be selling clothing and as well want it to be an interactive process with the city! Kids will be able to select a house they want to live in and rent it. There will be a school and other mini buildings to roleplay in.


We are paying 100,000 R$ through group payout.

Contact Us

Contract us through here: depressed pepe#4124

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