100K Robux - Hiring a scripter!

Hey there! I’m calamixy, a group owner, Roblox architect, programmer, and white hat hacker.
I’m seeking an active scripter who has an adequate, consistent workflow and is capable of completing my tasks. You’ll be working alongside myself, a UGC creator (inkwaves), and a particle designer.


The project you will be working on is called ‘Nazomeita.’ Nazomeita is an ancient Japanese-styled MMORPG game with many thematic elements. Should you choose to become a powerful shogun or a spirit seeking vengeance? The choice is yours. Partake adventures worth taking! (More details regarding theme, factions, etc. can be answered here)


  • You must be well-versed in Luau (Roblox Lua)
  • Be active as a scripter
  • Be able to write clean, modular, and customizable code
  • Have a timezone compatible with PST/PDT or CST/CDT
  • Have Discord
  • Able to do longterm commissions
  • You must be 16 or older to participate in this project


Payment will be distributed per asset. When you are finished with all of your tasks, and the game starts making an amount of revenue that is able to be divided into sufficient amounts, you will be paid x% of a stream.


You will be able to contact me on Discord @ calamixy#0001
You will also be able to contact me on Twitter @DevCalamixy
Additionally, you can join this Discord for further information.

Have a wonderful day!

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