100kR$+ | Hiring Experienced Programmer

Here at Small Productions, we believe in originality, building experience, and a toxicity-free staff team.
Taking a short-term/long-term commission here means not only about payment, but building your specialty skills and expanding your knowledge on the topic to put on your portfolio/resume.
Read on if you would like to face challenges and want to improve your specific interest!

Hello! We are Small Productions, a game development studio focused on low-poly styles and simulator-styled projects. Our current game, Scythe Simulator, has accumulated over 10 million visits up to date, and we are interested in making a sequel.
Our team includes:
@photonavius (updates Scythe Simulator)
@iiSmallTV (manages the projects + creative director)
Our amazing staff team (helps out with any problems)

We are looking for an experienced programmer who is able to duplicate UIs made by our previous programmer and resize/scale + customize them to our liking.

This is only to finish Scythe Simulator 2, as some aspects were already done. There are, however, challenges/game-breaking bugs that need to be fixed, and many things to be added/redone. These tasks should give you some good challenges to be proud of!

-3 years on LUA programming
-6 months + experience with UIs (does not have to be completely making them)
-Good reputation on the Twitter + DevForum platform
-Portfolio on the DevForum platform with vouches and examples of work
-Good communication skills, response time fast unless there is a problem, active on Discord, and able to communicate well with the community and staff members
-Active on ROBLOX and Roblox Studio, maximum 1 month to finish this project

UI Style
image (to be rescaled)
This project should be done within a month of development, not many details of what needs to be added/changed, but something you can know for sure is that we need game passes.


This is all negotiable
We are willing to pay 100kR$+ (more than 100kR$, negotiated in Direct Messages) and more if you need, will be discussed upon messaged.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on Discord at SmallByts#0194 or join the discord communication server of Small Productions here and message/ping me.

You must be 14 years or older to apply.

Hope to see you apply! :slight_smile:

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