100kR$+ | Hiring Experienced Programmer

Hello! Here at Small Productions, we not only believe in creating creative games and projects for players to try, but we also believe in gaining experience from tasks.

Read on if you would like to gain experience with tasks that may be beyond your knowledge, and have fun in the process.

We guarantee a workload that would add tons of awesome creations to your portfolio/resume!
This job requires UI experience AND programming experience.

You are only adding on to the game that is already half done, but with lots of bugs and game functionality is broken.

Small Productions is looking for an experienced programmer who has the ability to:
-Respond fast to DMs
-Provide GIFs/and or update daily on progress
-Have good communication skills
-Able to rescale + remake/duplicate UI
-Organize your UIs and code

-3+ programming experience, include that on your portfolio/resume
-Have a DevForum or Twitter portfolio for your programming services
Good reputation would increase application acceptance

There are lots of tasks that need to be redone!
This project should be finished within a month maximum with high quality.
A list will be sent to you in direct messages

Payment Plans
I will either be paying per task or upon game completion.
Payment is always negotiable upon direct messages.

Contact us here by messaging me on the DevForum or on the Discord platform at: Discord
Preferably Discord.

Thanks for reading, hope you apply :smiley:


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