[100USD][OPEN] Magic Abilties + R15 Animation

About The Job

Hey, I’m looking for someone who can create devil fruit abilities (magic attacks) for me. The job’s difficulty ranges. There will be 10 fruits in total, and they will be split into categories based on their rarity. Commons will attacks will have 2 basic attacks,Uncommons 3 basic attacks, Rare 4 attacks and Mythic 5.

VFX will be supplied

I will be also needing someone who can animation using R15.

Quality I expect (for the more rarer fruits): https://gyazo.com/6a0e18726675625c91c1a6fdd63143e4


Payment will be a total of 100USD for the total package, but I will be paying per fruit. For the commons the pay will be 5USD (3 in total), uncommons also 5USD(3 in total), Rares 10USD(4 in total) and Mythic 15USD(2 in total)

Contact Us

Discord: Hashim#6079


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